Conversation ends Daylight breaks through her window Countless sunsets passed


I miss going home late at night. Windows down. Feel the fucking polluted air straight to my palm and my face. Singing out loud my favorite song then munching every damn doughnut and tossing every sweet into my mouth. As mph increases, lights blur, and conversation dwindles. Night fades with me.   

blue blossom

Blue as the sky He painted it with all the colors I wanted Teardrops start to dry In a way I never expected Astonished by the way I fall deeply Each day that passes by makes me envision a life with him For I want him truly Because it is him


Is a question that goes on eternally I devour for compliments Yet their criticisms weaken me mentally My accomplishments Would it resemble my personality? Would it dictate who am I? My physical appearance is being pulled by the gravity Towards chaotic versions of true and fake I The passion of searching for purpose Gave me … Continue reading WHO AM I?